Trails Done

DateNameDistance (km)Elevation Gain (m)
2014-07-20Devil's Garden Trail12.24344
2014-07-22Telluride Mountain Walk6.23451
2014-07-25Warner Point Nature Trail2.68115
2015-04-25Huayan temple to Temple in Ming Dynasty9.52695
2015-04-26Lanjia Zhuang-Mount Hualou-Shaoshan13.43683
2015-05-01Mount Erlong-Hedong-Wolong14.41687
2015-05-02Trails in the branches of Mount Lao7.78495
2015-05-09Mount Ju to Jiushui14.50825
2015-05-09Daijia(zhuzi'an) Houziguanhai Taihe Tiantai10.93531
2016-05-14Congaree National Park Weston Lake Loop Trail7.7138
2016-07-07Eno River Trails 1 (Incomplete)1.8050
2016-07-09Cape Lookout National Seashore Trail6.3085
2016-07-23Eno river Fews Ford area walk7.18160
2016-07-31Occoneechee Mountain State Natural Area4.58138
2016-08-07Umstead State Park Company Mill Trail9.88236
2016-08-14Sycamore Trail11.42228
2016-08-20Sal's Branch Trail5.0392
2016-08-20Pott's Branch Trail2.3046
2016-08-21Raven Rock State Park South East Trails8.32163
2016-08-26Mt Mitchell trails7.22386
2016-08-27Clingmans Dome Trail2.09110
2016-08-27Appalachian trail to Charles Bunion13.67590
2016-08-28Laurel Falls Trail4.46129
2016-08-28Sugerland visitor center natural trail2.4950
2016-08-28Rainbow Falls Trail9.18533
2016-08-29Craggy Garden Trail3.13139
2016-09-04Eno River Trails 3 (Incomplete)9.70274
2016-09-11Trails in Hanging Rock State Park13.40509
2016-09-25Medoc Mountain State Park Loop Trails9.65131
2016-10-02Pilot Mountain State Park Trails15.42555
2016-10-09Stone mountain state park trails12.86528
2016-10-30Dutchman's Creek Trail and Uwharrie Trail South Loop18.82608
2016-11-17Delicated Arches Trail5.40204
2016-11-17Delicate Garden Trail6.90172
2016-11-18Slickrock trail4.1080
2016-11-19Angel's Landing Trail8.80362
2016-11-19Riverside Walk-Temple of Sinawava3.5051
2016-11-20Queens Garden and Navajo Trails6.16234
2017-01-14Some Trails in Briddle Trails State Park6.0599
2017-02-11Hugo peak trail5.97297
2017-02-18Padilla Bay Trail7.1625
2017-02-18Mount Erie Trails7.79479
2017-02-25Mount Si and Talus Loop Trail15.631,026
2017-03-04Tiger Mountain Trails23.991,656
2017-03-19Mount Si From Little Si Trailhead19.001,395
2017-04-01Mount Teneriffe Trails25.131,271
2017-04-08Wallace Falls State park trails25.50626
2017-04-23East Tiger Mountain Trails14.05579
2017-04-29Mount Washington Trails16.45981
2017-05-13Rattlesnake Ledge Trail10.36393
2017-05-20Mailbox peak trail17.261,223
2017-05-21Microsoft Blue9.2692
2017-05-22Microsoft Red5.2161
2017-05-24Microsoft Yellow3.5934
2017-05-27Paul Peak Trail to Mowich Lake22.11937
2017-05-28Poo poo point trail13.20587
2017-05-29Ebey's Landing Trail5.62122
2017-06-01Microsoft Purple5.1962
2017-06-02Microsoft Orange3.8967
2017-06-03Lake 22 Trails10.66429
2017-06-04Squak Mountain Trails11.50612
2017-06-06Grand View Point Trail2.5051
2017-06-07Story of the Forest Trail5.40152

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